All Peace boards Surf Skate cruisers equipped with the brand new line of CHARGER-X (CX) patented Surf Skate trucks.

Designed for Street Surfing and Carving the streets while simulating the feeling of Surfing.

Made from 6.5“Aluminum Aloy, its unique design provides the truck hunger with a Wide range of Motion for easy pumping, sharp turns and fast maneuvers, ideal for radical cruising and Surf Skating. Its unique truck design makes CHARGER X Truck and Peace boards one of the best Surf Skate in the industry, taking you to the next level of Surf Skating.

It looks like a normal skateboard but it feels like Wave Surfing.

As you compress into a bottom turn, the front of the board turns and dips allowing the rider to “drive” through the bottom turn with most of the weight on the back leg and foot.
A compression and extension of the body occurs, creating speed and change of direction.
The result is one gentle surfing bottom turn. As the rider comes out from the bottom turn, he will shift his weight to engage with the opposite rail. A transition then occurs, the weight is transferred into the opposite direction from the bottom turn. This allows the rider to perform a vertical surfing top turn.

The need for grip and deep board concave for ultimate Grip has never been more important than in Surf Skate, where you rely on the traction of the wheels to fully lean into carves and cutbacks.

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